Get passionate about Quality and saving lives

Patients and donors are at the centre of our Quality process. Regional QA Manager, Dapo Odumeru explains how his work helps save lives in this country and internationally.

This is the longest I’ve worked for one organisation and the reason is because it is so rewarding. Our procedures ensure quality products and services reaches patients. Dapo Odumeru Quote

Dapo Odumeru

Regional Quality Assurance Manager

Dapo's story

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) has quality management systems that underpin everything we do. I make sure they are robust enough and help improve them if they need it.

I identify, manage and, if possible, mitigate risk in all areas of NHSBT activities. I work with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure that compliance to our various standards is demonstrated within region. The patient and donor are the ones we are here for and we make sure they get the best service.

I started working at NHSBT in January 2005. This is the longest I’ve worked for one organisation and the reason is because it is so rewarding. We might not be close to the patients but we hear about how we impact their lives. Every day we are saving lives. When you see pictures and hear stories you really do feel fulfilled.

"I was awarded an MBE as part of the Queen's Birthday honours for the services to the Black and Asian Minority Ethnic communities."

Dapo Odumeru

In 2010 I founded a charity called Blood for Life. We don’t get enough blood from the African and Caribbean communities so I started this charity to engage the communities and raise awareness.

The support I have got from NHSBT has been absolutely brilliant. With NHSBT’s help, I am raising awareness of blood donation at home and abroad.

The charity also supports blood transfusions in low income countries. We’re working with international services to send equipment around the world to places like Nepal, Africa and the Caribbean. 

I’ve been to Malawi and Uganda to support NHSBT’s corporate social responsibility and help support blood services to those countries.

I’m also a Donor Ambassador for NHSBT's Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Network and support the work our marketing team are doing in the different communities to encourage donations. 


I have letters telling me how our work is saving lives in others countries. I am blessed to have the opportunity to help others. I’m really proud of what we do as an organisation.