Technology & Digital

Technology & Digital are at the heart of our organisation – without it we wouldn’t be able to function efficiently or effectively. In addition to the usual technology & digital business uses, we also collect and analyse information about our blood, platelet, organ and tissue donors. This helps us manage donations safely through the entire supply chain from donation through to manufacturing, processing and transfusion/transplantation.

Current Openings


Switch on to a rewarding IT career

Thinking about moving over from the private sector? Assistant Director for IT Services and Operations, Anthony Snape explains why he hasn’t looked back.

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Fix your career in IT support

Join a team who work behind the scenes to ensure donors get the best experience. Customer Support Analyst, Michelle Darcy shares her story.

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Support systems that save lives

Choose an IT career where the focus is on people, not processes. Donna Hodson, National IT Projects Manager, tells her story.

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