Our Organisation

Our mission is to save and improve lives. Our success depends on our employees. Which is why we offer a great work environment, exceptional career development, a range of benefits and enormous job satisfaction

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) supplies safe blood, tissues and solid organs to UK hospitals. We need the skills and dedication of our employees to enable us to do this.

NHSBT stands for hope, life and helping people do something extraordinary.

Everyday our teams bring care, expertise and quality to our service. When we break new scientific ground, when we connect with donors and families, when we help to save a life – it’s because of each and every one of us.

Working for us is a unique experience and you really do make a difference to other people’s lives. Because you’re vital to the service we provide, we want to make a difference to your life too.

So, not only will we provide you with a great pension and annual leave package, we’ll encourage and guide you throughout your career. Offering any learning and development you need, and enabling you to maintain the best possible work to life balance.

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Meet our departments

  • Blood Donation
    Blood Donation

    We are a team of over 2,000 people working together to safely collect, store and process 1.6 million blood units a year. Our donors are the heart of our operation and it’s our job to look after them and encourage them to return. 

  • Blood Manufacturing and Logistics
    Blood Manufacturing and Logistics

    We test and manufacture every donation of blood collected in England. We also respond to orders for blood and blood components from hospitals, 24/7. This includes operating a logistics fleet delivering routine and emergency blood components to hospitals around the clock. We process donations into components for transfusions and we work to identify blood groups to ensure that patients receive correctly grouped and matched blood transfusions. We also screen for infectious agents to ensure donations are as safe as possible to transfuse.



  • Clinical

    Our national team of doctors, nurses and scientists lead and support the business across a range of roles and functions, including strategy and policy development. Areas of specialism include donor medicine, diagnostics, blood components, microbiology, tissues, stem cell donation and transplantation, cellular and molecular therapies, therapeutic apheresis, and patient blood management.

  • Communications

    We provide a centre of marketing and communication expertise that supports all NHS Blood and Transplant’s activity. We work as an integrated team across all channels, including digital, marketing, partnerships, internal and external stakeholder engagement and media and PR. Our job is to protect the organisation’s reputation and raise awareness and understanding of donation by delivering creative, innovative and award winning campaigns and communications.

  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services
    Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services

    We manage all of the Specialist Business Units and provide patient and hospital support for blood transfusions, stem cell and organ transplants. Units that come under our remit include Red Cell Immunohaematology, Therapeutic Apheresis Services, and Cellular and Molecular Therapies. 

  • Finance

    We provide a range of services, including financial support, planning and performance, operational accounting, procurement, international services, estates and facilities, and risk management. We also contribute to strategy development to support and deliver business objectives.

  • ICT
    Information Communications Technology

    We develop and support innovations, technologies and infrastructure across the organisation to ensure all services and processes run as smoothly as possible. Our platform centric and cloud based approach to the delivery of business solutions, developed through agile methodologies and ITIL compliant service framework lets us meet the ever-increasing expectations of our internal teams, donors and patients. 

  • Organ Donation and Transplantation
    Organ Donation and Transplantation

    We are responsible for promoting organ and tissue donation to the public, providing leadership and clinical advice, and supplying and managing UK organ donation and transplantation. Our medical teams and transplant support services help to save and improve the lives of thousands of people through organ and tissue donation, retrieval services and transplantation.

  • Quality Assurance
    Quality Assurance

    We ensure that the required quality management and operational systems are in place and operating effectively. These systems are designed to meet licensed regulatory requirements and to ensure donor, product and patient safety. Clinical governance ensures a systematic approach to maintaining and improving the quality of care provided to donors, donor families and patients.

  • Workforce and Transformation Services
    Workforce and Transformation Services

    We value our people and the core focus of our Workforce services is to ensure we create the right environment for them. Our team delivers HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development and Health and Safety teams.

    Our organisation and services are constantly changing. Our team works to support this transformation across the business through the project office, project managers and portfolio managers.